About Elegant Cloud Solutions


Paul Buck

Paul Buck has over 20 years of experience in Finance and IT. As CFO of British Columbia’s largest life sciences company, Paul developed the company’s cloud-based IT strategy.

Under Paul’s guidance the company purchased and implemented several cloud applications including Adaptive Insights and Google Apps. The company’s 70 budget managers went from budgeting with multiple spreadsheets where version control was paramount to using Adaptive Insights where the focus shifted to higher value topics like understanding the impacts of key business drivers.

Paul has a deep technical understanding of international taxation including transfer pricing, multi-currency consolidations, sales planning and revenue recognition.

Paul began his career as an applications engineer implementing distributed control systems (DCS) in food and chemical plants in Europe. In the days of more rigid programming tools, Paul learned the value of creating a thoughtful design. His motto as a team leader was “think before typing”.

Warren Quirk

Warren has been helping NetSuite and Adaptive Insights clients at Elegant Cloud for the last 3 years. Before joining Elegant Cloud, Warren worked for a boutique management consulting firm in Vancouver specializing in large-scale IT transformation projects.

Warren graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Commerce program with a specialization in Finance. Warren is a Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant and Administrator. He also holds the Adaptive Insights Planning and Reporting certification.

Warren and his wife moved to Vancouver from Edmonton 8 years ago and they take every opportunity they can to get outside and enjoy the city. When he’s not at the office, Warren can usually be found on one of his many bikes or enjoying an après cycle beer at Vancouver’s excellent craft breweries. Warren’s motto is: “work smarter, not harder”.

Jeff Calvert

Jeff Calvert has over 20 years’ experience leading strategic growth across a wide range of verticals in sales, business development, finance and M&A roles.

Jeff holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Royal Roads University and is a Professional Engineer licensed in Ontario. He has been a CFO for publicly traded companies and is the treasurer for his church, but his favourite professional activity is making his customers successful in their roles and helping them go home on time.

Jeff lives with his wife, two kids and a large yellow dog named Jasper in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. His motto, borrowed from his grandmother: “You’ve only got one set of manners!”.