Visual Analytics

Adaptive Discovery is the only cloud dashboard software and visual analytics that’s designed for use by executives, line-of-business managers, data analysts, finance and operations. With the power to incorporate financial and operational data, actuals, budgets and forecasts, Adaptive Discovery makes it simple to create and deliver dashboards, drill down into data, and even perform what-if analysis on the fly. Adaptive Discovery Enterprise now includes Adaptive Integration.

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Data Visualization & Dashboard Software

  • Interact with intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics
  • Dynamically integrate with any data source
  • Visualize KPIs and access data underlying dashboards
  • Data visualization empowers users with faster insight
  • Dashboard software that deploys with minimal training

Navigate Dashboards & Scorecards

  • Dashboards and scorecards tailored to each user
  • Easily change time periods and filter by dimensions
  • Get to where you want to go quickly and intuitively
  • Customize views so that users see data that’s important to them
  • Navigate quickly across different levels of data

Designed to Fit Growing and Changing Analytics Needs

  • Adaptive Discovery Professional enables you to analyze Adaptive Planning and Consolidation financials, budget and forecasts in real-time to improve business performance, and model and reforecast based on insight
  • Extend your visibility across the enterprise with Adaptive Discovery Enterprise and integrate data directly from CRM, ERP, data warehouses, and other systems to provide 360° insight

Interactive Visual Analytics & KPIs

  • Flexible options for drilling down and across data on dashboards
  • Understand root causes and perform what-if scenarios
  • Easily switch dimensions mid-drill
  • Business intelligence software to predict targets for KPIs

Data Visualization Software Driven by Metrics

  • Metrics management ensures everyone is talking the same language
  • Centralize metrics and dials – and reused across personal and shared dashboard
  • Standardize on metrics, definitions, and visualizations
  • Ensures best practices for visualizing metrics using dials

Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating

  • Use shared notes to attach explanations to data
  • Call users’ attention to issues with zones and alerts
  • Trigger emails with specified data behavior
  • Provide information about specific charts to help guide users

Visual Designer for Dashboards

  • Make it easy for users to personalize their own dashboards
  • Use drag-and-drop to create and edit charts and dashboards
  • Leverage pre-defined chart formats or create your own
  • Create private dashboards or share them with others

Powerful Enterprise Integration

  • Manage data integration from multiple data sources into Adaptive Discovery Enterprise dashboards for analysis
  • Efficiently integrate, transform, schedule and merge data from spreadsheets, databases, ERP, CRM, HCM and other systems
  • Completely unify data for analytics from both cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Empower data analysts with click-not-code experience
  • Enable IT with an enterprise-class data integration app to configure data sources, define data transformations and preparation, as well as automate scheduled data loads

Architecture Advantage of our Business Intelligence Software

  • 100% cloud delivered
  • High-performance analytic engine behind dashboard software
  • Integrates BI and CPM for integrated insight, modeling and planning
  • In memory processing provides rapid query performance
  • Powerful cloud data stores combines spreadsheets, databases, other key systems for a unified 360o view of your business

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